Optimizing Learning with Pearson LMS Integration

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Hilary Duplantis
Image of student taking notes in a notebook, while reviewing content on their laptop

Jerilin Morris, Blackboard Administrator at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (TCC), and Paula Lee, LMS System Administrator at Lee College, both work with their bookstore and Pearson to integrate courseware into their institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), currently Blackboard. Jerilin has been the Blackboard Administrator at TCC for 10 years, while Paula has been the System Administrator at Lee College her entire 16 years there. Both of their responsibilities include ensuring the integration between the courseware and their LMS in the instructors’ courses are working appropriately. They attend to any issues and answer any questions that may arise from both instructors and students based on the integration process.  

Integration with Pearson 

LMS administrators have experience with a variety of publisher’s integration capabilities. Oftentimes the beginning of the semester can pose an issue when it comes to integration as students have to access their course materials through their LMS, which can be confusing for some students. With Pearson, Jerilin sees how much smoother it is during those first weeks of the semester saying, “The LMS integration with Pearson is basically seamless. For instance, students were having issues with a previous math product and every semester I just dreaded the first week because students would need so much help. I haven’t had any of those issues since we switched to Pearson.”  

In addition, Jerilin sees the value of LMS integration for students’ useability as it is less cumbersome and creates an intuitive way to access course materials. “It’s seamless for students. There are just too many clicks on different products. Without even realizing it, they’ve crossed a bridge between two different software products. Things really got easier for students when they got that single sign on and then all their material is just right there.”  

Access Pearson’s LMS integration allows for grade synching and assignment linking, direct from courseware into the LMS system. Paula feels this ease of use and set up is helpful for instructors. “The flow of the LMS integration with Pearson is good. It is simple to set up. The flow of grades syncing back up and setting up the links is straight forward, which is nice.” Jerilin agrees this process is beneficial saying, “The Pearson content is so specific that it’s a perfect fit for our courses. The integration is a much smoother process with Pearson and the grades synch automatically.” 

“The integration is smooth, the customer service is quick, and the students are satisfied. I know they are satisfied because I don’t hear any complaints and they would let me know if there was something wrong.”

– Jerilin Morris

Successful Partnership 

Building and maintaining successful relationships with customers is a priority at Pearson. Jerilin was able to experience this multiple times over the duration of her time working with Pearson saying, “We aren’t just their customer. It is a real partnership between our school and Pearson.” Paula also feels a sense of partnership with Pearson. In particular, the assistance she receives from them in all aspects of the integration process has been really invaluable saying, “I really appreciate all the help that I receive from the Pearson folks. They are always so generous to answer in a timely fashion, which is always appreciated. They give us all the reassurance we need and that is really helpful.” 

Furthermore, Jerilin recounted a time when their institution was in a bit of a crisis mode when one of their instructors had to withdraw before the end of the semester. As the course materials were Pearson, they reached out to see if there was any assistance Pearson could lend in order to maintain the course without disruption for the students. “There was a time when Pearson went above and beyond. One of our faculty members had to leave before completing the semester. Our Dean contacted Pearson support to see what could be done. They really helped us because with their help we were able to complete the semester, and the students were able to go right on with the course. They didn’t have to start over with new content and a new instructor. We really appreciated the creative thinking of the Pearson support team in assisting us in continuing to use the product as if nothing had occurred.”