Using Videos to Engage Your Students

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Join Dr. Terri Moore of Eastern Florida State College for an examination of best practices for using visual media to engage your students.

Dr. Terri Moore, Eastern Florida State College

In these brave new teaching times, we are asked to be flexible in the delivery methods we use to teach our courses. We may be teaching for the first time fully online, either asynchronously or synchronously. We may be asked to teach in person in challenging face-to-face settings, or to deliver our lectures through video recordings.

Using video as both a tool to share with your students, and to have them share presentations back with you can increase a sense of immediacy and emotional attachment between classmates and teachers. Research has shown emotional connections in online environments increase persistence and retention. Using videos creatively and effectively to illustrate principles of the course enlivens online curriculum. Video tools also offer different methods of evaluating student mastery. This webinar will examine best practices for using visual media to engage your students.  



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