Teaching As If Facts Matter: Linking A&P with Science & Society

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Science education with real-world applications combats propaganda. Learn how to integrate anatomy and physiology with public health, fostering knowledge and promoting informed decision-making.

Judi Nath, Academic Affiliate of Biology - Teaching Professor, Penn State University

One challenge of teaching is helping our students manage the barrage of misinformation, disinformation, and science denialism that they likely experience daily.  A&P educators can improve science literacy by helping students link key concepts in anatomy and physiology with public health information.  This presentation illustrates how knowledge of A&P is foundational to countering falsehoods and rhetoric in our lives.  Several tools and strategies will be shared to help you teach students the importance of solid long-term A&P knowledge so that regardless of their careers beyond college, they will be equipped to untangle the web of confusion, combat propaganda, and educate others using facts and compassion.  As educators, we know that real-world applications not only enhance intrigue, but they further comprehension.  Few courses are so well poised to seamlessly connect human biology with the world in which we live.  Science Matters.