Navigating Higher Education: HBCUs in Focus - Addressing Challenges and Shaping Futures

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Esteemed voices within the HBCU community discuss the critical role of HBCUs in higher education. Gain insights into the positive impacts of HBCUs and explore solutions for challenges in education.

Dr. Karryll Phillips
Dr. Daya Taylor
Jalyn White

Please join the conversation with esteemed voices within the HBCU community. Learn more about the critical role Historically Black Colleges and Universities play in higher education as our panel featuring Dr. Daya Taylor, Karryll Winborne-Phillips, and student voice Jalyn White, and Alumni TBD, shares personal journeys and discusses the positive impact of HBCUs to address challenges like aging infrastructure, technology and resource disparities, culturally competent resources and accreditation concerns, and more all skillfully moderated by Pearson's HBCU Executive Sales Specialist, Chelsea Burris, promises a serious exploration of insights, solutions, and partnership.