Using Revel to improve your online course: An author and first time user's experience

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Learn about the ease and benefits of using Revel for online courses. Save time and enhance student experience in synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.

John L. Worrall, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)

If you are teaching online or planning to teach online, the many available LMS and courseware options can seem overwhelming, and pivoting from one platform to another can be more than a little intimidating. As a longtime Pearson author, I have been on the frontlines through the company's development of its courseware packages. I recently made the switch to Revel in my online courses and was struck by the ease with which it can be used to create and modify online courses, both synchronous and asynchronous. This webinar is geared mostly toward first-time Revel users, but any instructor who is considering an online course or modifying their online course should benefit. My goal is to save you time, to get you to switch to Revel for its ease of use and immersive student experience.