“I appreciate the concept-based approach that has yet to be mastered by other publishers. The exemplars are structured as such that they are great teaching tools.”

– Christine Kleckner, MA, MAN, RN, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

“The Concepts book is laid out and organized very well."
"Being able to use the books across the curriculum for multiple courses provides consistency for students and helps defray the cost.”

“The eTextbook incorporates NCLEX®-style questions, which is helpful for students.”
“The pre- and post-test have an item analysis, which has been helpful in working with students.”

– Nursing faculty team, Lakeland Community College

“I have found that the use of the Pearson modules, assigned as homework prior to lecture, provides incentive to students to review the material prior to lecture. This activity helps to enhance discussion required for concept-based curriculum. Students can delve more deeply into case analysis and use the information more readily rather than viewing material they learn as strictly content for an exam.”

– Nancy L. Urrutia, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, Assistant Professor, Lorain County Community College

“There is a good level of organization and presentation of information that is both useful and valuable to the learner.”

– Abimbola Farinde, PhD, Columbia Southern University