Our nursing concepts curriculum combines a three-volume series with MyLab Nursing and digital supplements to support well-rounded, personalized concept-based learning. The 4th edition includes updated and expanded coverage of medications in each Pharmacologic Therapy section and in more than 70 Medications features.

This edition also introduces a new feature, Communicating with Patients. This feature helps new nurses communicate with patients effectively and with compassion, especially when broaching difficult subjects.

Promote high-level thinking

Our three-volume series — available as both an eTextbook and a rentable print text — is central to our concept-based nursing curriculum. By linking nursing concepts with skills, the program promotes mastery and retention.

Strategic instructional design

Consistency is a key pillar of our concept-based nursing curriculum. A consistent presentation of nursing concepts, exemplars, and skills throughout the series sets students’ expectations, reducing cognitive overload and supporting retention.

Core nursing concepts

Volumes I and II provide thorough, up-to-date coverage of 51 nursing concepts within three domains: Individual (biophysical, psychosocial, and reproductive), Nursing, and Healthcare. For each concept, the text addresses the same characteristics, including normal presentation, alterations, and related concepts. An unfolding case study for each concept shows its applications in nursing practice.

Illustrative exemplars

To demonstrate nursing concepts, the text presents 161 exemplars reflecting prevalence rates. For each exemplar, the text examines factors such as pathophysiology and etiology, clinical manifestations and therapies, and collaborations. The 4th edition includes nine new or expanded exemplars, including cystic fibrosis, delirium, and environmental quality.

Essential clinical skills

Volume III delivers more than 530 key and secondary clinical nursing skills in step-by-step detail and with realistic illustrations. A consistent framework groups skills by nursing concept and subgroup, and presents any variations for skills.


New! Clinical Nursing Skills: Practice for Mastery is now available as part of the 4th edition of Pearson’s concept-based series. This digital skills lab provides an online review of common clinical nursing skills. It features animated demonstrations of some of the most challenging skills nurses perform across the healthcare continuum.

Reach every student

MyLab Nursing integrates adaptive learning into our concept-based nursing curriculum. It does this with digital resources that support remediation, application, and NCLEX® preparation.

Clinical decision-making cases

Exemplar-based clinical decision-making case studies hone students’ clinical reasoning skills, preparing them for the situations they’ll face in their careers. Immediate feedback, rationales, and reports reinforce comprehension and let instructors monitor student performance.

Dynamic Study Modules

Adaptive, mobile-enabled Dynamic Study Modules with personalized learning and remediation support student mastery and retention of nursing concepts. With advanced reporting features, instructors can track student progress. 

Pearson eTextbook

With Pearson eTextbook, now enhanced with videos, animations, and interactive exercises, students can access their text anytime, anywhere. With the companion app, they can read their text on any iOS or Android mobile device, even offline. Instructors can add notes for students and highlight content within the eTextbook. 

Engage learners with digital products

Support interactive learning with rich educational tools. Your Pearson rep can help you find resources to complement your tailored concept-based nursing curriculum, your preferred nursing concepts and exemplars, and your unique program goals.