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New Edition Now Available: Pharmacology for Nurses: A Pathophysiologic Approach 7th Edition

This renowned pharmacology text links to therapeutic goals, and simplifies concepts to add relevance for students. This new 7th edition thoroughly reflects recent changes, including 120 new drugs, and advances in understanding disease.

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Discover the interactive student resources that will help you develop practice-ready nurses in this virtual product showcase presented by the Pearson Nursing Team.

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Duration: 30 minutes

Explore key features of MyLab Medical Terminology in Pearson's virtual showcase. Enhance key concept mastery through interactive games and improving reading, writing, and medical terminology communication.

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Duration: 30 minutes

Join us to hear the authors of Clinical Nursing Skills: Practice for Mastery reveal exciting ways to use technology in your nursing skills courses. Laura Gonzalez and Michelle Aebersold will discuss how to promote competency with digital courseware and weigh in on the benefits of technology in nursing skills education. In this interview-style session one of Pearson’s commercial product managers, John Goucher will unpack with the authors in detail how MyLab Nursing promotes mastery over memorization. Whether you teach in a concept-based or traditional curriculum, Clinical Nursing Skills can help you train nursing professionals with the skills required across the healthcare continuum. 

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Duration: 30 minutes

From passion to profession: How anatomy and physiology set the foundation for my nursing journey

Learn how combining a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology with consistent practice of NCLEX-style questions can provide success in the nursing field.

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    The top 6 MyLab features you should be using

    By Pearson

    As an instructor, shouldn’t you have the flexibility, ease, and control to customize your own courses? That’s what MyLab® from Pearson offers as a teaching and learning platform. It’s purpose-built to help advance the way you teach through a robust set of features while transforming the way students learn.

    Yet, with so many available features and so little downtime, it can become quite challenging to stay apprised of lesser-known or newer features, many that help you better engage with students, improve your pedagogy, and drive academic success for all students. That’s why we’re here to help.

    We've compiled a list of the top six MyLab features we suggest incorporating to level up your MyLab course, boost student success, and maximize your time in the classroom.

    6 MyLab features you can start leveraging today —

    Freehand Grader

    Freehand Grader enables you to gain deeper insight into your students’ thinking with Freehand Grader. This new assignment type creates an authentic assessment experience for both instructors and students.

    With Freehand Grader, your students can upload their hand-written assignments, illustrate their thought processes, and receive meaningful feedback on their approach. Because it's not simply about how they arrived at the answer but the process.

    Dynamic Study Modules

    Dynamic Study Modules help your students stay on track and achieve a higher level of subject-matter mastery. Each module poses a series of questions about a course topic that adapts to each student's performance and offers personalized, targeted feedback to help reinforce their mastery.

    With real-time feedback on their performance, you can adjust your lectures to meet learners where they are and where they’re headed. In addition, students can use their computers or learn on the go with the MyLab app. Available for select titles.

    Pre-built Courses and Assignments

    Pre-built Courses and Assignments ease your workload, save time, and increase efficiency with MyLab’s pre-built courses and assignments. Each course has a foundation of interactive course-specific content — by authors who are experts in their field — to tailor and adapt as you see fit.

    Now, whether building your course from scratch or leaning on our pre-built collection, your lessons are in your control.

    Early Alerts

    Early Alerts help you identify students who may be struggling or falling behind in your course sooner with Early Alerts. This feature leverages an algorithm within MyLab that projects risk levels, and alerts you when a student may be falling behind.

    With these insights, you can intervene, provide support, and help keep students on track to complete the course.

    Learning Catalytics

    Learning Catalytics help to increase student engagement and enhance their learning in the classroom. This interactive student response tool allows you to deploy questions and surveys, and assess student comprehension. It also equips you with real-time data to help adjust your instructional strategy on the fly.

    Plus, Learning Catalytics automatically groups students for discussion, team-based learning, and peer-to-peer learning.

    Pearson+ Channels

    Pearson+ Channels feature an interactive hub of expert-curated short videos and practice materials providing best-in-class content for any student seeking more knowledge in a specific topic or subtopic. In addition to testing their knowledge with practice questions created by Pearson experts, users can visit the social community and s discuss certain topics in message threads, ask for help with practice problems, and rank the videos and practice materials.


    Whether a novice or a MyLab expert, you’ll find much more to benefit and learn from with this teaching and learning platform — one that advances the way you teach and transforms the way learners learn.

    See for yourself just how purpose-built MyLab truly is. Learn more about MyLab.

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