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Join Ellen Usher and Anita Woolfolk for a discussion on motivational strategies to engage the minds and emotions of students at a time when teaching and learning are challenging and rapidly changing. 

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Duration: 30 minutes

Join Dr. Mark Young of University of Central Florida for a discussion on  the most powerful technique in the armamentarium of the professional counselor: developing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship.

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Duration: 30 minutes

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  • male standing in library, holding phone while taking a picture of himself

    Teaching with social media: How to use tech to communicate with students

    By Dr. Wendy Tietz

    This blog series highlights educators who have embraced social media in their ongoing quest to meet students where they are, increase engagement, and improve results. Through these stories, you’ll discover how they got started, learn a few tips to make your foray into social media as seamless as possible, and hear some advice about incorporating these new technologies and platforms into your instruction or institution.

    Social media helps my students engage with me and buy into the course a little more.

    Plus, social media allows me to share a lot of real-life examples with students. I’m always looking for authentic learning experiences that show students more than just what we see in the abstract lecture — things that impact real life. YouTube™ allows me to extend the boundaries of the classroom, because I can upload short videos about lectures from the class.

    Be willing to adapt

    Don’t be afraid to evolve with your students. For instance, I don’t use Facebook much myself anymore. But that was the first place I used to upload examples and make it a resource — I could communicate with students where they were, rather than telling them to go into the LMS.

    And ten years ago, students were certainly on Facebook more than they were on our LMS. But students have changed. They don’t use it that much anymore, so neither do I. It evolves every semester.

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