New curriculum edition coming soon, for 2024 implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

  • Year Levels F–6
  • Curriculum ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • Subject Mathematics
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital

What it is

Signpost Maths introduces maths to students in Foundation to Year 6 with an emphasis on spiralled learning and spaced practice. It retains the popular printed student components with an innovative digital teacher resource. It includes:

  • student books
  • mentals
  • digital teacher resources.

How it helps


Development is easy to measure: Understand the needs of your students with the ‘traffic light’ alert system and progress tests included inside student activity books. 

Activities are fun and accessible: Enable students to practice interactive games, tools, and practice questions. 

Homework is impactful: Reinforce class learning with an intuitive, consistent, and manageable approach to homework. 


Harness the potential of online resources: Lead more engaging lessons using the student activity book as your program foundation supported by digital assets.  

Plan ahead with confidence: Simplify lesson design and get ideas for classroom activities using print and digital teaching resources.  

Use guidance from experts: Rely on content overseen by leading Australian textbook writer Alan McSeveny and developed by a roster of primary mathematics specialists.  

What it includes

Discover how Signpost Maths improves teaching outcomes.

Australian Signpost Maths, Third Edition


Australian Signpost Maths NSW Student Books Covers for years K to 6

Australian Signpost Maths is designed to educate Foundation to Year 6 students according to the latest Australian Curriculum requirements.

This series also includes:

  • a complete yearly teaching programme for F–6
  • regular progress test and remediation ideas
  • curriculum notes for each lesson.

Australian Signpost Maths, Third Edition

Student Books

Australian Signpost Maths AC Student Book inside pages

The Signpost Maths series enables student learning in a variety of ways. This includes:   

  • a dictionary to help students learn the language of mathematics 
  • clearly highlighting important rules and concepts 
  • worked examples and explanations to support new ideas 
  • using colour to emphasise and motivate 
  • using cartoons to give instruction and friendly advice 
  • interactive activities for whole-class, small-group, and individual learning 
  • ID cards that reinforce knowledge by asking students to identify common terms, shapes, and symbols. 

Australian Signpost Maths, Third Edition


Australian Signpost Maths AC Mentals inside pages

Australian Signpost Maths Mentals consolidate learning through:

  • spaced practice
  • differentiated mixed-topic questions
  • explanations of essential skills
  • incorporation of real-life situations
  • id cards to review the language of mathematics
  • quirky, engaging cartoons and illustrations to motivate students.

Australian Signpost Maths, Third Edition

Teacher's Books

Australian Signpost Maths AC Teacher Book covers for year 1 and 3

Signpost Maths teacher’s books are designed to simplify lesson planning and student assessment. They do this with included: 

  • teaching suggestions 
  • extension ideas 
  • vocabulary lists 
  • digital and print resources  
  • evaluations for every lesson. 

Signpost Maths teacher resources also include:  

  • curriculum links and descriptions for every lesson 
  • reproduced activity book pages containing answers to included questions 
  • blackline masters and worksheets 
  • extensive diagnostic assessment with answers 
  • pedagogical background provided for included texts 
  • remediation records. 


Australian Signpost Maths, Fourth Edition

Coming soon!

A new curriculum edition of Australian Signpost Maths will be available in 2023 for implementation in 2024. 

Samples & downloads

Australian Signpost Maths sample pages

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