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    Let’s Take A Trip!

    Madeline Beavis

    I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many different cities across the country while growing up. While there is no place like home, I love exploring new terrains, cultures, and cuisines. Let’s take a road trip across the United States – and maybe even make a pit stop across the Atlantic – to some of my favorite destinations!

    San Francisco, California

    Starting on the west coast, San Francisco might just be the coolest US city I’ve ever visited! Though there are a lot of hills to climb, every view at the top is worth it! Let’s check out some of my favorite attractions!

    1. Alcatraz Island: Alcatraz is one of the most famous prisons in the world and it was creepy! Even just the boat ride to the island was daunting, but I loved getting to see the grounds and the small and (very) dark prison cells. I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim around this island, but maybe you can figure out how some prisoners escaped from the safety of land! Be sure to catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge on your way over as well!

    2. Muir Woods (Redwood Forest): I love spending time outdoors when traveling and Muir Woods was an incredible experience! I never thought I would feel humbled by a tree but standing at around 250 feet tall and 15 feet wide, you can’t help but feel amazed. Plus, some of the trees are 800 years old!

    Newport, Rhode Island

    I visited Newport last summer in the Northeast. This was actually a last-minute vacation for my family, but I’m so glad that we went! Here are some of my favorite spots!

    1. The Cliff Walk: One of my favorite parts of my trip was navigating the Cliff Walk along the coastline where you’ll have elegant, historic mansions on one side of you and the ocean on the other. It was a little nerve-racking at some spots climbing over rocks or uneven portions of the path, but it was very satisfying to reach the end of the 3.5-mile walk!

    2. The Breakers: The Breakers is just one of many mansions in Newport. I stepped inside and was instantly transported to the Gilded Age with dramatic entryways and elaborate drawing rooms... there was even a secret staircase for the servants!

    3. The International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF): As a tennis family, I loved visiting the ITHF that highlighted some of the biggest names in tennis like Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, and Martina Navratilova. I even got to play with my family on a real grass court located on the grounds, followed by lunch courtside!

    Charleston, South Carolina

    Traveling down south, Charleston is colorful, warm... and feels like it’s stuck the 1800s! Time has not caused Charleston to lose its southern charm, culture, or historic flair and I loved experiencing the city’s quaint atmosphere at these locations!

    1. City Market: Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! I love bringing home souvenirs to remember my vacations and the Charleston City Market was a great way to enjoy the South Carolina sun and grab a bite to eat while supporting the local vendors where many often sell handmade pieces.

    2. Fort Sumter: Calling all history enthusiasts! I learned that the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter sparked the beginning of the Civil War, and it was so interesting to walk the grounds of the fort and experience a piece of American history. The top of the fort also offers some breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor and the city!

    3. Pirate and Ghost Tours: Boo! Charleston was once a spot for pirates like Blackbeard to sell their stolen goods... and their ghosts may still be haunting the streets! I had so much fun ghost-hunting through old churches and cemeteries on this tour and I’m glad nothing followed me home!

    Prague, Czech Republic

    And finally, let’s cross the Atlantic to visit Prague! This city had a “fairy-tale” atmosphere with dramatic castles and cathedrals sitting above clay-tile roofs and cobblestone streets. There are almost too many spots to visit in Prague, but here are a few of my favorites!

    1. Saint Vitus Cathedral: I felt like I had stepped back in time to medieval Europe while exploring this beautiful cathedral! Make sure you walk over Charles Bridge on the Vltava River on your way there for more views!

    2. Old Town Square: I would have spent all afternoon in Old Town Square if I could! There were so many delicious food options and European-style street performers for entertainment. However, my favorite part by far was watching the Apostles figurines pop out of The Orloj, an astronomical clock, at the top of every hour.

    3. Nuclear Bunker Tour: The best part of visiting Prague was touring the nuclear bunkers. It was remarkably interesting to hear about stories of secret police agencies, spies, and propaganda from the time... so it was not surprising that I could hear the traffic from the street above me while walking through the bunker!

    What destinations are on your bucket list? Make a plan soon to pack up and head off to your next travel adventure!

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    College Money Management Hacks

    Madeline Beavis

    “I’m broke!” might just be the most common statement made by college students. College is a major expense, but there are many ways to still have fun and be involved without breaking the bank!

    Take Advantage of Student Discounts

    Did I hear discounts? Yes! There are many businesses that offer discounts for students. From clothes to electronics to movie theaters to theme parks, retailers are happy to support students. Don't be afraid to ask about available student discounts.

    Apply For Scholarships

    I know it can seem daunting to write essay after essay about why you deserve a scholarship, but organizations want to help students with their financial needs! Sitting down for a couple of hours and submitting applications can make all the difference to offset college costs... and some scholarships don’t even require essays! Make sure that you check with your school’s financial aid office for specific scholarships related to academic performance, athletics, or extracurriculars.

    Give Yourself an Allowance

    Learning how to balance your spending is an important life skill. If you have a job, calculate how much money you make per month and allow yourself a maximum amount to spend out of your income. If you do not have a job, allot a specific amount you can spend each month or consider finding a job on campus if you have enough time in your schedule. There are usually many opportunities to work at on-campus coffee shops, the library, or dining halls. Check out your school’s employment opportunities for more information. Be sure to track your spending and progress for motivation!

    Open A Savings Account

    A savings account is a great way to store your money in a secure location, limit spending (remember your allowance!), and earn interest. Keeping your savings in an account ensures access to your funds in case of an emergency, while intentionally separating your spending money from what you are trying to save. Investigate savings accounts without minimum balance amounts and no monthly fees to save even more.

    Investigate E-Textbooks

    It is no secret that college textbooks are expensive! Many college textbooks are available in a more budget-friendly eTextbook format – which are often less than half of the cost of the print version. I’ve had the opportunity to subscribe to my eTextbooks, available in Pearson+. This has been a great way to save money on textbooks. For just $10.99/month you have instant access to your eTextbook, videos, and study tools. With the Pearson+ mobile app, you can access your textbooks from anywhere!

    Your college years can be challenging in many ways and managing finances can top the list at times. Take the time to plan the money management strategies that work best for you. The habits you build will serve you well both throughout your college experience and after graduation.

    Do you have a compelling story or student success tips you’d like to see published on the Pearson Students blog?  If you are a college student and interested in writing for us – click here to pitch your idea and get started!