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  • The words ‘The Importance of College Mentorship’ appear over a collage of pictures of a laptop, people wearing hard hats, and two students talking.

    The Importance of College Mentorship

    Tristan Deveyra

    When I first came to college, there were so many new and amazing opportunities that were plopped right in front of me. It was incredible to see all the new career paths, adventures, and professional opportunities I could enjoy. Not to mention all the social events and fun that could be had just a 5-minute walk away on a Thursday night. These opportunities were both exciting and extremely overwhelming. So many directions opened that I felt like I was looking everywhere all at once. Then, once I met my mentors, I realized that college mentors can provide you with incredibly valuable guidance that you may not find elsewhere. The realization of the importance of mentors to me forever changed my life. My mentors have helped me socially, professionally, financially, the list goes on!

    My Mentors

  • A group of college students at the University of Houston that are members of the Asian Student Business Association.

    How Leadership in College Can Change Your Life

    Tristan Deveyra

    Unlocking leadership opportunities can be daunting if you lack the credentials you think are necessary. I've experienced this firsthand; lacking a vast network of friends or professional experience, I missed out on leadership roles in high school. However, when I embraced leadership within the Asian Business Student Association an incredible transformation occurred. I discovered a world brimming with social, mental health, and professional benefits.

    College Leadership Opportunities

    As a leader, I forged deep connections and lifelong friendships, finding a community that supported me and allowed me to create cherished memories. It opened doors to a support system I never knew I needed. Here’s a picture of me and my leadership team in the thumbnail! (That’s me in the top right!) Furthermore, being a leader enhanced my college experience economically by maximizing internship opportunities and valuable connections with companies. Employers highly value leadership and soft skills in candidates, recognizing their importance alongside technical knowledge.

    Zooming out, leadership offers a broader perspective and the chance to leave a lasting impact on those you lead. It extends beyond the workplace, influencing all aspects of life, from sports teams to family dynamics and friendships.

    How to Find Leadership Positions

    Leadership positions are everywhere in college! Your first step is to research and find an organization or club that you can join. Strive to find a community you’re truly passionate about and want to develop, and make sure it aligns with your interests, values, and goals. Indulge in its culture, and you’re set! Most colleges have websites with a catalog of all the organizations and also hold club fairs in the beginning of each semester. Make a point to attend and be sure to talk to recruiting personalities during these fairs.

    Leadership Positions and Corporate Recruiters

    As most college students progress through their careers, they tend to begin their search for internships. For Corporate Recruiters, students who have leadership experience become more appealing as they hold many qualities that make them a valuable candidate. Holding a leadership position in college showcases your ability to take on responsibilities and manage a team or an organization. Recruiters value candidates who can demonstrate their commitment, reliability, and capacity to handle complex tasks.

    Overall, leadership positions in college offer a platform for personal growth, skill development, and the cultivation of valuable soft skills that can benefit you in various aspects of your life, including your future careers.

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