The commitment of a furry friend

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Taylor Guynup
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Owning an animal is a big responsibility and time commitment. The animal you choose to adopt will love you unconditionally, so you need to make sure you can do the same in return. Here are some things to think about before you adopt an animal!

Do you have time?

Adopting in the summer or on breaks seems like a great idea! You have so much time to spend taking care of your new friend, but when you go back to school, will you have the time to take care of your pet? Dogs require more of a time commitment than cats do. They need to be let out and played with to keep them happy and healthy. Also, just because cats don’t need to be let out to use the restroom doesn’t mean they don’t require love and attention. Before adopting, make sure you have time in your day to be able to take care of and love on your companion.

Do you have enough money set aside?

An animal can be expensive. When you first adopt your animal, you need to get food, bowls, leashes, beds, a crate, and maybe even medication depending on the animal. Also, do you have enough money for emergency vet visits? The first week I had my kitten I had to rush her to the vet because she got sick, which was a $150 expense that I was not expecting. You also need to be sure your apartment building or house allows pets and whether they have a pet rent or deposit. Saving up money is a good way to make sure you can meet the needs of your pet. Adopting an animal from an animal shelter is a good way to save money on a pet, but also those are the animals that need a home the most.

Are you willing to give a life-long home?

When you adopt an animal, they will love you unconditionally. When you adopt an animal, they deserve a lifelong home. So, before you adopt, think about the next phases in your life and where you will end up. Will you be able to take your pet with you? It is so heartbreaking for a pet to be ripped away from their home and family. When adopting you need to remember that they are a lifelong friend.

Getting Prepared!

Now that you have gone through the most important things to think of before you adopt, how do you prepare your home and heart for your new life long friend?

  • Research breeds and shelters – You need to have an idea of what you’re looking for and where you plan to adopt. Does the shelter offer shots? How much is the adoption fee? Do they have the animal you’re looking for? You should always go meet your pet that you plan to adopt. When I first met my cat, I felt that instant connection with her and knew that she was coming home with me.
  • Prepare your home, buy the goods, and get excited!! – Before you adopt, you should make sure that you have all of the things you will need to take care of your pet and make them feel at home. Decide where in the house they will be allowed, where their food will be, and where they will be sleeping.

If you answered yes to all the questions and got prepared, then congratulations! You are now ready to accept a new friend into your home and heart! And remember – adopt don’t shop!


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