Finding Your Favorite Spot on Campus

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Nicole Fatovic
A view of Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus.

When I was looking at what university to call my home for the next four years, I looked at all the “normal” things: academics, student life, involvement, school spirit, and a pretty campus. What I did not consider was something that I did not even realize I needed – a beautiful outdoor area where I could spend countless hours. Here’s why this area is so crucial to my college experience and why I encourage other students to find their favorite spot on campus.

A student’s favorite spot on campus could be anything from a preferred place to study to a place to go to decompress. I wanted a place that would bring a sense of tranquility after a long day. As an out-of-state student, I was also searching for a small piece of home on campus. With these things in mind, I took walks around my campus during my free time trying to find the best spot. Eventually, I started to spend more time at a small lake on my campus called Lake Alice. This spot has so much to offer including picnic tables that make great study spots, spectacular sunsets, trails to walk around, and many spots to throw up a hammock. I find myself going there whenever I have some free time to relax, or if I want to do some light studying. This spot also helps ground me when I begin to feel trapped inside lecture halls and libraries.

I encourage you to find a spot as I have done by following a few simple steps:

Make a List of What is Most Important to You

I was able to find my perfect spot by knowing what I enjoy doing in my free time. Aside from studying, I always make time in my day to get a workout in. This lake is conveniently located in between where I live and the campus gym, making this an easy destination to knock two tasks down in one trip. I also know that I enjoy spending time outdoors, so it only makes sense that my favorite spot on campus is outside.

Walk Around

Even as a second-year student, I still feel like there are parts of my campus that I have not fully explored. Go on a small walk, maybe bring some friends along, and see all that your beautiful campus has to offer.

Craft a Schedule

Let’s face it, we are all busy college students who don’t always have free time. I’m not free to spend every day at this lake, and that is okay. I try my best to find at least one time each week I can go to this spot. When I get too busy and cannot find time to go, it is alright because it ends up being even more enjoyable when I do find the time to go there.

Having a place on campus that I look forward to going to keeps me motivated throughout the semester. Make a point to explore and discover a spot on your own campus that you’ll come to love as much as I love Lake Alice!

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