My Christmas Traditions

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Jen Fiengo
A tabby cat sitting by red and white Christmas decorations.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite holiday seasons are those that take place in the winter months. While my family celebrates Christmas, the other winter holidays seem like such enjoyable times. I feel that traditions make these times more personable and special to each individual. Traditions have been passed down between families, whether they be centuries old or years old. My family has a few traditions that make the holidays special.

Christmas Eve Presents

First, my family does Christmas Eve presents. Each one of us get to open a small present on Christmas Eve rather than waiting for Christmas Day. This tradition comes from when I was younger. I was always too impatient to wait until Christmas Day, and being the only child, I was allowed to open one of my presents before I went to bed. When I was old enough to get my mom gifts on my own, I started having her open one, too, making it special for both of us.

Putting Up the Tree

Next, we always decorate the tree together during the first few days of Christmas. We take down the Thanksgiving decorations together, followed by putting up the Christmas decorations. We always decorate the tree together, each putting on ornaments that we’ve collected throughout the years. My mom used to do this when she was a kid, so this is a tradition she brought into our holiday season.

Christmas Stockings

Lastly, a tradition I find the most fun is that everyone in the family gets a stocking. What I mean by this is that my two dogs and three cats have their own stockings. Even when I had smaller animals, like hamsters and fish, they would all get stockings. They would be filled with treats, toys, and new collars every year, giving the animals something to open on Christmas. Our mantle is always full since we have five extra stockings hanging labeled with our pets’ names.

Holidays are a time to be with family, friends, and those you love, but what would you do without a little fun? Traditions help me and my family keep structure and fun in our gatherings, whether the traditions are old or new. I enjoy the holiday season solely due to the traditions I share with my family.

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