What Dog Breed You Are Based on Your Major

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Peyton Maria
A pickup truck with a row of puppy golden retrievers lined up in the back.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and I have found that the most perfect way to destress in college is to spend some time at my local animal shelter. However, I have learned that no two dogs are alike, just like college majors. Based on my extensive time spent with both dogs and other college students, here are some similarities I have found between the two, and what dog breed I believe you are based on your major.

Business: Golden Retriever

Whether your business major falls under accounting and finance or marketing and management, a golden retriever is the definition of a business type of dog. Sometimes called the “easy major”, golden retrievers can be blown off as goofy dogs, but they are serious workers and often seen as K9s and service dogs, in the same way that business students are seen all over the workforce.

Journalism: Beagle

Known as hunting dogs (always looking for a good story), these loyal and happy-go-lucky dogs are the perfect comparison for journalism majors. Like these dogs, journalism majors are outgoing but also hard workers.

Speech Pathology: Border Collie

Easily trainable, attention to detail, fun but focused, all things that make border collies and speech path majors similar. They are hard workers and know how to have fun, but also are down for a night in after the workday is done, which is a trait all my favorite speech path majors exhibit.

Design: Cocker Spaniel

Arguably the most beautiful dog, the perfect example of a design major is a cocker spaniel. These dogs are sociable and adaptable, just like design majors, and are always looking their best, while impressing everyone around them.

Pre-Med: German Shepherds

In my opinion, these are the smartest dogs. Similar to golden retrievers, they are seen in all the “dog workforces” and are super intelligent and loyal to their people. Although pre-med students can be considered less sociable, similar to German shepherds, I believe it is just because they are harder workers than most of us, and sometimes that can be intimidating.

If you enjoyed these comparisons, I encourage you to check out your local animal shelter, and spend some time with different breeds, and make some of your own, as well as add to my list!

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