Pearson+ Channels is a Game Changer

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Mia Gutierrez
A laptop computer showing Pearson Channels on the screen and an iPad open to a students notes.

“I’m Not a Math Person”

“I’m not a Math Person” is what immediately went through my head as I registered for my intermediate Macroeconomics class last semester. I wasn’t looking forward to this course at all whatsoever and wasn’t too fond of the content that was going to be taught. I honestly went in with low expectations and was aiming for a passing grade. I’ve always had a difficult time with classes that are math based or even just have a portion focused on numerical calculations. I am also more interested in Marketing and the creative side of Business, so Economics wasn’t that appealing to me. My mindset was to simply get through the class so that I could attain my degree and do what I love most after I graduate.

What Changed…

Although, I said above that I only wanted to get credit for the class, I still did my best to understand the class content and studied a significant amount of time outside of our weekly lectures. I truly thought I was only capable of earning a passing grade due to the fact that math was one of my weaknesses; however, that all changed within the first few weeks of the course.

My study sessions consisted of looking up videos online that could better explain more difficult concepts in detail and looking over lecture notes as well as adding my own notes to them. My professor did a decent job at teaching the content, but I still felt there were times when I couldn’t understand what he was saying or even get my questions answered by a classmate. When this first happened, after the second or third lecture of the semester, I decided to check out Pearson+ Channels during one of my study sessions.

The Solution: Pearson+ Channels

For those who may not know, Pearson+ is an eLearning hub with instant access to eTextbooks, videos, and study tools for student support. One of the tools that I found to be most helpful is Pearson+ Channels. Channels consist of mini-video courses that go over content that has most likely been taught in your classes. They not only have Macroeconomics but also a wide variety of topics such as Biology, Psychology, Accounting, and more!

What specifically helped me in the Macroeconomics Channels course is the teaching style of the instructor. Brian utilized language that made complicated concepts easier to understand. He also made the course engaging by having viewers follow along with a set of notes to fill out and by creating diagrams to explain various topics. I enjoyed his use of simple examples and how straightforward he was. This video series assisted me greatly in my studies and even helped me to feel more comfortable going to class, answering questions out loud in lectures, and feeling more confident going into tests.


Pearson+ Channels aided me in gaining an overall better understanding of Macroeconomics. I was surprised at how this learning tool allowed me to have a more positive attitude in this course. I ended up not only getting an A on my first test but also an A in the class. I am grateful for the knowledge that Pearson+ Channels has given me and plan on utilizing it in the future. If you are looking for a learning tool that appeals to a majority of students’ learning styles and helps you to master the material to a certain extent, try out Pearson+ Channels – it’s a Game Changer!

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