The Ultimate College Galentine’s Celebration

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Peyton Maria
A group of college women standing in front of a Happy Galentine’s banner. Each is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Being single in college can be hard, but Valentine’s is especially challenging. Fortunately, many years ago, the girls took back the holiday and rebranded it as Galentine’s Day: a day to celebrate all your best girlfriends. As a fellow single girl, here are some of my top tips for an amazing Galentine’s celebration for college girls and their best friends.

The Attire

Pinterest is the breeding ground for the perfect Galentine’s celebration, and the perfect place to find your Galentine's event outfit. Some of my top recommendations are a fun sundress, a cute white and pink cardigan with jeans, or any heart print top with a cute skirt. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with some red or pink!

The Food

If you choose to host your Galentine’s event, there are four main foods that every Galentine’s celebration needs. The first big one is an extravagant charcuterie board. Charcuterie is the definition of girl dinner, and when celebrating Galentine's Day, it is a necessity. The key things to include on the board are fancy cheeses, crackers, dips (such as hummus or spinach dip), chocolate covered almonds, veggies, deli meats, and dried fruit. One of my favorite places to get stuff for charcuterie is Trader Joes. They are stock full of cheap and delicious charcuterie items that won’t break your bank.

The next food you absolutely need for your Galentine’s event is drinks. My top picks are anything that would be red or pink, such as Shirley Temples, pink lemonade, etc. Also, anything sparkly, such as Martinelli’s or Bubbly water.

Third, you need a main dish. My top choice for this is pizza. It’s easy and loved by many, but also can be dressed up to be fancy. Also, this can be turned into an activity! Making homemade pizza is fun, engaging, and a way for everyone to get their own personalization in toppings.

Fourth and finally, a sweet treat is necessary for the perfect Galentine’s celebration. The obvious choices are heart shaped cakes or chocolate covered strawberries, but other great options are fondue or cookies. My most recent obsession is Oreo truffles, which if covered in some heart sprinkles could be deemed as festive. No matter what sweet treat you decide, it is a vital piece that could make or break your Galentine's Day food spread.

The Activities/Location

Location and activities are huge when it comes to planning your dream Galentine’s celebration.

Some fun activities you can have at your party are painting tote bags/wine glasses, cooking your main courses together, making friendship bracelets, or planning fun games such as We’re Not Really Strangers.

Location wise, you really cannot go wrong, and your biggest deciding factor should be the weather. My favorite is a picnic, which is such an aesthetic way to celebrate if the weather allows. Some other options are your own home/apartment or a restaurant/brunch place, if you don’t feel like hosting.

Regardless of what activity you choose, spending time with your girls will be the best part of your Galentine’s Day. Take back what Valentine’s Day means, grab your best girlfriends, and celebrate sisterhood and singleness as we should every day.

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