Building Your Business Professional Wardrobe on a Budget

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Peyton Maria
A clothes rack with a row of black, blue, tan, and grey blazers hanging from silver hangers.

I am a business student at a school where it is the most popular degree, and because of this, the program is full of classes and simulations that allow you to experience what it is truly like to be in the business world. However, in order to act the part, you have to dress the part, and business professional clothes can cost more than what your minimum wage barista job is paying you. In order to not break the bank over a blazer, I have spent countless hours online shopping for the best deals in business professional clothes and have come up with a list of the clothes on a budget.

The Best Overall Value

H&M is the Holy Grail of basic business necessities. With a sale every other day, you are certain to walk out with slacks, a button up, and a blazer for under $100. For pants, I would pick these straight leg pants. These specific ones are only offered in black but are an essential closet staple for any business student, and less than $30 a pair. For a button down, this collared long sleeve, offered in 4 colors, is my dream. Finally, blazers can be hard to shop for, but this fitted blazer runs around $40, and will have you standing out at every interview in the best way.

More Expensive but Better Quality

If I were to win the lottery, I would buy my business professional clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch. All the products are high quality and bring a sense of style, comfort, and professionalism that is rarely found in business professional pieces under $100. This place is more expensive, but incredibly worth it. These tailored pants come in, wait for it, TWENTY colors. No matter who you are or what style you’re going for, I promise you will find what you’re looking for in these pants. For a matching blazer, they offer a classic fit and a lightweight option, both with six color options. Finally, when looking for a collared long sleeve, Abercrombie’s satin button up looks professional with or without a blazer.

Cheaper in Price and Product

A place usually overrun by moms, Old Navy is a hidden gem when it comes to business professional clothes. The options are limited on dress pants, but this blazer runs about $50 depending on the color. Also, this long sleeve will pair well with any dress pants, and is offered in six colors for as low as $20 when on sale.

Shopping on a budget can be hard, but it’s not impossible. By searching for sales and buying staples that can easily be rotated through different outfits, you can manage to save yourself some money and impress your professors, peers, and future bosses.

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