Dynamic Study Modules: A MyLab feature many take for granted

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Saige O’Rourke
A screenshot of the Dynamic Study Modules resources showing what it looks like when the student is Sure and Correct in their answer.

Many students, including myself, only open up MyLab to complete their homework and cross it off the list. Studying is different for everyone, but we may use textbooks, internet, or flashcards to prepare for a test over the content. Pearson’s MyLab has recently released a new feature called Dynamic Study Modules that incorporates textbooks, concepts, and study tactics similar to flashcards; unfortunately, not a lot of students are aware of what this is or how beneficial it can be!

How To Use DSM

Dynamic Study Modules (DSMs) are a feature that provides you a set of questions that you can answer with a variation of “I’m sure,” “I don’t know,” or “I think so.” Depending on how you answer, a dark green, light green, or red circle will appear above the question as you continue. To complete the module, you must obtain a dark green circle above each question to show mastery of the topic. Once completed, you can review the information as much as you need or receive your grade if it’s an assignment.

Efficient Use of Time

Many students use flashcards to study for a test, but they waste a lot of valuable time creating these cards. Flashcards are mainly used for repetitions and memorization, but DSMs supply both while also being interactive and conceptual. Instead of memorizing the answers for each flashcard or question, the program builds your critical thinking and conceptual skills of the topics within the textbook. This program saves students hours of preparation, and it is also a better alternative for studying & creating new habits.

Even though this is a fresh feature added to Pearson, it has already been beneficial to many students like me. Students may not be aware of this opportunity unless they do the searching themselves throughout the platform, so it is often overlooked. It might be good practice as a professor to ensure that students are aware of everything they are offered with the program. This is your sign to take the 5 minutes, explore your resources, and take advantage of the study tools provided to you! Dynamic Study Modules are changing the study game right in front of our eyes, and it is included with the purchase of the platform!

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