How to Become a Morning Person (And Actually Like It)

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Aj Vazquez
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I believe that as a college student there is so much to learn not just in school but out of school as well. For example, most of us are living on our own for the first time and learning how to manage our time. Most of us dread waking up early, which is exactly how I was my freshman year of college. Since then, what started off as a goal of mine to wake up early has now turned into a daily routine and success in my academics. There are many benefits of becoming a morning person and I hope to spread that knowledge and personal experience to help not only students but anyone looking for a healthier sleep routine or just better time management skills.

Personalizing Your Routine

The key to enjoying waking up early and having a morning routine is to simply make it your own personal routine. Whether that's showering first thing in the morning to help wake you up, or even making a cup of your favorite coffee. Have fun with your early mornings and use the extra time to complete tasks that you typically don't have time for.

Realizing the Benefits of Waking up Early

Every non-morning person knows the benefits of waking up early, but they just simply don’t want to do it. Whether that's because they really like to sleep or maybe they just don't like change. I am here to tell all those non-morning people that becoming a morning person is truly life changing in the best ways possible. Waking up early is a path not only to a healthier lifestyle but also a path to great time management skills. Many students spend countless hours up throughout the whole night when they can simply wake up earlier and then have a whole day to do homework, participate in their hobbies, and not feel drained the next day. Not to mention, most full-time career jobs after college require their employees to wake up fairly early for work.

Becoming a morning person is by no means easy but it is a great way to better your routine, time management skills, and staying ahead in the classroom and workplace. By realizing the benefits and the different ways that you can personalize your morning routine, you yourself can also stay ahead in the game, become a morning person and enjoy it.

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