A College Algebra Corequisite Pilot

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Join Kirk Trigsted of University of Idaho to learn more about a College Algebra corequisite pilot conducted by the University of Idaho, and hear lessons learned.  

In Fall 2017, the University of Idaho ran a College Algebra corequisite pilot by allowing some students who were placed into Intermediate Algebra to enroll in College Algebra. These students were also enrolled in a one credit study skills class. Each week in the study skills class, the students were taught the appropriate Intermediate Algebra pre-requisite skills. This course also focused on appropriate study skills which include time management, note taking, and test taking strategies. The pilot was very successful, as every student earned a C or better. The final exam average among the pilot students was 84.2% compared to a 76.2% average for all students enrolled in College Algebra. In this webinar, we focus on the lessons learned from the pilot and how it inspired the update to the College Algebra series by creating a new eText titled, College Algebra: A Corequisite Solution.



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