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Pearson English Academies ile heyecan verici, yüksek kaliteli kaynaklardan oluşan dinamik bankalardan, öğrenme etkisini kanıtlamak için Etkinlik Ekibimize kadar, bir Pearson müşterisi olmak önemlidir.

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  • A group of women celebrating with confetti
    • The Global Scale of English

    The Global Scale of English: A decade of innovation in language education

    By Pearson Languages
    Okuma zamanı: 4 minutes

    This month marks 10 years since the launch of the Global Scale of English (GSE) and what a journey it has been. As we celebrate this important milestone, it’s time to reflect on everything that has been achieved over the past decade and to take pride in the work that has contributed to the advancement of language learning, teaching and assessment around the world.  

  • Woman standing outside with a coffee and headphones
    • Inclusivity and wellbeing

    Using language learning as a form of self-care for wellbeing

    By Charlotte Guest
    Okuma zamanı: 6.5 minutes

    In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for self-care is more important than ever. Among a range of traditional self-care practices, learning a language emerges as an unexpected but incredibly rewarding approach. Learning a foreign language is a key aspect of personal development and can help your mental health, offering benefits like improved career opportunities, enhanced creativity, and the ability to connect with people from diverse cultures.

  • A group of business people sat in a board room talking
    • Business and employability

    Ensure international business success with language training

    By Pearson Languages
    Okuma zamanı: 7 minutes

    As an ambitious business leader, you understand the importance of effective communication. However, in today’s globalized business environment, communication extends far beyond simple interaction within your organization. It involves breaking language barriers to reach out to the international market, where English training holds the key to unlocking unprecedented expansion and growth. For a business owner or leader, navigating global markets requires not only language proficiency but also a deep understanding of diverse business practices and regulations.

    The global trend is clear: Workplace English skills are a must. English is the world’s most spoken language, with one in four of the world’s population speaking it at a useful level. Improved English proficiency broadens your communication avenues, positively impacting every business facet. With English aptitude, expect heightened cultural understanding, increased productivity, efficient teamwork, and elevated positive customer experiences from service departments that ultimately streamline your entire organization.

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