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  • Thoughts on blended learning after lockdown

    Whilst we all navigate through a world that has gone through monumental shift due to the pandemic, it would be remiss to say that many sectors in our world have not been wildly affected. In fact, some countries are still dealing with current and past reverberations of the impact COVID-19 has left on their industries and sectors, and as a collective, we will all be dealing with these reverberations for a while to come. 

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  • How HN Online supported the acceleration of online learning in 2020

    So here we are, one year on from the start of a global pandemic and I reflect on whether the following statement is true: "Once you begin to accept the unexpected, an organisation can switch unconsciously and begin to strongly cultivate a culture that demonstrates the willingness and ability to innovate, grow and achieve in a time of crisis."

    It has been a trying time for the education sector, but at the same time it has given organisations the opportunity to reflect on what works, what requires additional support and what may need a complete overhaul.

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  • Introducing blended learning in the new normal – 5 key considerations

    Blended learning is a term which has gained prominence in education over the past decade and is once again in the spotlight due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Put simply, blended learning is typically a delivery method of education which combines face-to-face delivery with technology-powered online learning.

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