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Pearson titles are available in a range of formats including print and digital, so that students can access them in a way that supports their learning.

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Our available digital textbook formats allow students to access our best-selling content in class, on-the-go, or at home.

With features such as highlighting, bookmarking and annotating, students can create their own notes and organise their study time in the way it suits them best. Plus, they're good for the environment!

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Access everything you need in one place, online or offline, anytime, anywhere.

Pearson eTextbooks help students make study time more productive and effective and allow them to access everything they need in one place.

Online or offline, anytime and on budget, eTextbooks is a low-cost digital alternative, offering a full digital experience.

Additional interactive features for selected titles include embedded media, audio and flashcards, and enhanced research with media and images to help students practice what they learn.

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