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Actively engage your students with the learning process

Mastering® for STEM disciplines provides active and engaging learning experiences for students in the science and engineering fields. 

This flexible teaching and learning platform supports students with tutorials, real-time analytics, and tailored feedback, helping them build their confidence and embrace complex scientific concepts. 

By integrating expert subject matter with dynamic study tools and assessments, Mastering creates opportunities for students to participate, engage, and practice what they learn.

Improve results with Pearson Mastering

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We work with universities to ensure students have access to learning materials associated with their course that are prescribed by course leaders. Our print and eBooks can be purchased via a number of retailers but you can browse our subject catalogue for the ISBN of your preferred edition and format.

The resources and support on this page have been developed for UK and Irish higher education institutions. Please use the links on our Educators page to navigate to UK schools, FE colleges, or overseas resources and support.