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Read our blog to explore ideas in teaching and learning. Students' first assignments often signal where skills and prior learning are wanting. But acknowledging the extent of these gaps and catering for the learning styles of all students can lead to more proactive approaches to addressing the problem.

  • Let’s Talk – Sustainability teaching and learning for “non-green” degrees

    The panel discussion focused on integrating sustainability into typically non-green degrees.  Jen O'Brien, academic lead for sustainability teaching and learning at the University of Manchester led the discussion. The panel included Dr. Vily Papageorgiou from the University of Surrey, Charlene Gallery from the University of Manchester, Dr. Catherine Heinemeyer from York St. John’s, and Fariha Agha, a public health student at Manchester. They discussed various perspectives on embedding sustainability in curricula and highlighted the importance of incorporating ecological and social activism into education. The session aimed to provide diverse insights into sustainable education practices. The discussion welcomed a broad international audience, reflecting global interest in the topic. Here is a summary from Pearson.

  • Slack - Brandon-Jones - Burgess: Energy as Pedagogy

    This webinar centred on revitalising learning through energy as a pedagogical tool. Authors stressed combating boredom and anxiety for active engagement. They advocated engaging teaching methods, using props to captivate attention and real-life examples to resonate with students. Insights on managing energy levels and catering to diverse backgrounds were shared. Attendees departed with renewed enthusiasm for dynamic teaching, aiming to inspire active learning beyond the classroom. 

  • Neil Martin: Ways of Incorporating New or Controversial Psychological Research into the Introductory Psychology Programme

    In this webinar, Professor Neil Martin explored strategies to enhance introductory psychology teaching, including incorporating new research topics and engaging students with practical exercises. Updates on the seventh edition of Professor Martin's psychology textbook were shared, featuring interviews with psychologists and expanded sections on contemporary issues. 

  • Exploring Strategy Online Workshop 2024

    You are invited to join the author team of Exploring Strategy and Fundamentals of Strategy for our annual workshop to be held on Monday 17th June 2024 at 10AM BST.