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Efficient assignment management and grading

Our MyLab and Revel study tools make managing assignments easier, using assisted grading questions that save instructors time when marking. Shared writing and journal entry assignments enable instructors to seamlessly integrate written assignments into their course.

Track student progress and development

Monitoring student progress is made even simpler with our powerful analytics tools that enable you to track student development and engagement. Both MyLab and Revel offer powerful analytics that can help you personalise students' learning.

Improve critical thinking and analysis skills

Project-based learning prepares students for the real world by developing critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Powerful digital teaching features, such as graphing tools, consolidate student understanding of theory by allowing them to interact with real data.

“It gives you the confidence that they are engaging. It's particularly helpful in providing formative feedback to students.”

- Sarah Owens, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for Management, on Revel

Encourage collaboration and application of skills

Simulations provide rich learning experiences that promote mastery of essential concepts through practical application.

“It’s quite a powerful tool for me from a point of view of identifying if someone’s engaging or not.”

– Dr Danielle McConville, Senior Lecturer (Education) and Associate Director of Education (Student Support) for Queen’s Management School, on MyLab Accounting

We work with universities to ensure students have access to learning materials associated with their course that are prescribed by course leaders. Our print and eBooks can be purchased via a number of retailers but you can browse our subject catalogue for the ISBN of your preferred edition and format.

The resources and support on this page have been developed for UK and Irish higher education institutions. Please use the links on our Educators page to navigate to UK schools, FE colleges, or overseas resources and support.