Experiential learning is the process of better understanding a subject through direct experience. Our online simulations enable students to step outside their role as a learner and inhabit another role in order to learn.

Research shows that experiential learning can...

  • allow students to put the theory they have learnt into practice, in a safe real-world environment, cementing their understanding
  • develop a range of soft skills including team-working, communication, crictical thinking, decision-making and presenting to a group
  • increase student engagement through the integration of digital simulation into a course.

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Spotlight on MyStrategyExperience

MyStrategyExperience gives students a seat on the board of directors in a Global Advertising Agency. They develop strategic thinking skills by analysing the business and putting together a business plan, before making decisions on the future strategy of the company.

Dr Eric CK Chan teaches strategy at Regent’s University London and uses the simulation to bring strategy to life for his students. In terms of student satisfaction, it scores highly. One student even went as far to say, “It’s the best time I ever had.” Eric says, “You can really feel the passion, the anger, the frustration, and also the emotions that come up from it at the end.”

MyStrategyExperience: Regents College case study
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