With the uncertainty around COVID-19, why are you planning for exams to take place?

Why do we need to make entries for external assessments if we do not know if students will be able to take exams due to COVID-19?

How do the proposed adaptations apply to 'mid-flight' learners (learners not due to certificate in 2021)?

Are you going to be running Standards Verification this year?

Why should I submit internally assessed grades as they are assessed? What if the SV disagrees with these grades?

When should I make full award claims?

How should I alert you to 'adapted' units (optional units that will not be assessed in 2020/2021 academic year, due to COVID-19?

By aligning to the General Qualifications (GQ) timetable window, you will be creating additional clashes, why have you taken this decision?

What units are affected by the decision to align to the GQ window?

Is there any guidance to support us with delivering BTEC qualifications in 2020/21?

How can we structure the delivery of our BTEC programmes?

Some of our units/components were part assessed in 2020 with the remaining assessment due to take place this year. How should we approach this?

Due to social distancing and local lockdowns, my centre is taking a blended learning approach to the teaching of our BTEC qualifications. Are we able to be flexible in our approach to evidencing assessment?

We have completed students who wish to return to our centre and re-attempt units/components for which they received a CAG for. They have certificated. Is this permitted?

If a learner is required to self-isolate in line with Government guidelines what can we do if they were due to undertake an assessment?

What is a deferred calculated grade?

Can you provide a date by which a deferred grade calculation will be made available to me?

A learner did not meet the minimum evidence threshold and they did not receive a calculated grade. They are not due to complete until next summer. How will we know if the learner needs to re-sit the external assessment?

Is it possible for a learner to resubmit a unit/component that was awarded a CAG to improve their grade?

What is the resubmission process we need to follow for an attempt to improve a CAG?

Lockdown meant that learners couldn't resubmit the work in 2019/20. Can a resubmission be authorised this year?

Learners completed one Learning Aim prior to lockdown and have had an opportunity to resubmit their work and a CAG submitted for the whole init/component. Can they resubmit this Learning Aim again?

We did not submit a CAG for the unit/component as it was an incomplete unit. Learning Aim A was assessed but Learning Aims B and C will be assessed this year. How do we approach this?

As the CAG was for an overall unit/component, would learners need to resubmit all assignments for a unit to get a new mark?

We have been unable to deliver a unit/component for which the learner/s have received a CAG and will not have time to teach this in addition to the planned programme for 2020/21. Can the learner still have a resubmission opportunity?

If we don't have to teach the content again, can the learners go from where they are and simply use the work we have from teaching and learning activities, and issue them with an assignment for the resubmission attempt?

Are we able to grant resubmission opportunities for some students or does it have to be for the whole cohort?

Must the resubmission opportunity take place during the first term, e.g. between September and December?

Why does the resubmission timeframe need to fall with term time?

Can the learner have any further resubmission opportunities?

How will you identify whether a grade submitted in 2020/21 is an actual or centre assessed grade or resubmitted grade?

A U grade was submitted for the learner's CAG. They have still not achieved a Pass grade after a resubmission. Can they be offered a retake opportunity?

What is the earliest I can provide my Standards Verifier with a sample?

Please can you confirm that Standards Verifiers will not ask to see units for which CAGs were submitted?

Will the Standards Verifier want to see a resubmission of CAGs in their sample?

What has happened?

Why has Pearson decided to review and regrade its BTEC qualifications?

Are you reviewing and regrading all BTEC results?

What will happen next?

What do you mean by all eligible learners?

When will we receive new grades to issue to students?

Will this affect students places at university?

Have all schools and colleges been informed?

What about external assessments for first year BTEC students who are taking a two-year BTEC – are these learners impacted too?

Some of my learners still don’t have their BTEC Level 3 National results which they were expecting on 13th August. When will they get these? And will they get two sets of results if their original grade is being reviewed?

What is happening with Functional Skills results?

Where will the new grades be available to see?

When will I get my BTEC certificates?

Will there be an Autumn series for BTEC?

What are the fees for the Autumn session?

When can centres start making entries?

When are the Entry Deadlines?

Will learners continuing into next year be eligible for a resubmission opportunity for internally assessed units which have been given a calculated grade?

Will my learners in Year 1 of a two-year programme be affected by result calculation?

For BTEC learners on the first year of a two-year programme, will their part-calculated results count in performance measures?

How will BTEC qualification grades be decided in light of the grading review?

What happens to the appeal I submitted based on the original BTEC grades issued on 13 August/20 August?

What is the deadline to appeal?

How do I appeal BTEC results where assessment carried on as normal, or was adapted (i.e. not calculated)?