What happens if my learners are unable to sit exams or tasks in January (e.g. due to illness, self-isolating, school/college decision)?

Should I withdraw entries if learners are not sitting the assessment?

We have withdrawn our entries already. What should we do?

Should we submit attendance registers even if we are not planning on going ahead with external assessments in the January Series?

Why do we need to make entries for external assessments if we do not know if students will be able to take exams due to COVID-19?

The latest BTEC communication from Pearson advised that if the exams are not taken in January, learners can still certificate if they have enough evidence to do so. What will be considered enough evidence for the candidate to certificate if they do not sit the assessment in the January session?

What should we do with unused January 2021 exam papers?

DfE and Ofqual have advised that vocational exams in January will go ahead, what about those scheduled for February and March?

Are there any plans/arrangements in place to allow learners to complete externally assessed set tasks remotely?

When should I make full award claims?

If a learner takes an assessment in the January series, receives their grade, but then wants to resit to improve in the May/June session, but is not able to take the assessment in May/June due to illness relating to COVID-19, will they still be able to get a result? How will their banked January/February grade be used in the qualification grade calculation?

How will you ensure fairness between learners who sat in January and for those whose exams were cancelled?

Is there any guidance to support us with delivering BTEC qualifications in 2020/21?

How can we structure the delivery of our BTEC programmes?

Some of our units/components were part assessed in 2020 with the remaining assessment due to take place this year. How should we approach this?

Due to social distancing and lockdowns, my centre is taking a blended learning approach to the teaching of our BTEC qualifications. Are we able to be flexible in our approach to evidencing assessment?

The blended learning guidance says assignments should be launched in face to face sessions. Given that we currently not delivering in this format, can we launch assignments in online classes?

Can I use the maximum number of reduced optional units for my ‘mid-flight’ learners?

If we have already assessed the optional units, can we remove the grades we awarded?

Can learners later submit/re-submit work for ‘Reduced Optional Units’ that will not be assessed this year, as a result of this mitigation?

Will you be making any changes to the requirement to assess mandatory internal units?

How do I capture reduced internal assessments in the system?

Are you going to be running standards verification this year?

How should I submit the sample to my SV?

Will the SV window be extended?

What is a deferred calculated grade?

How will Pearson be setting standards for the award of BTEC Qualifications this year?

Will students be compensated for the disruption they have experienced to their learning because of COVID-19?