When will we get BTEC results?

How are the results calculated?

How did you come up with this model for calculating results?

Is the process for calculating results for completing and non-completing (i.e. mid-flight) learners the same?

I am a new centre (new to Pearson/this BTEC programme), we don’t have three years of historical data for this BTEC qualification. How will you calculate my learners’ grades?

I am a small centre and our results vary significantly year on year. How will you calculate my learners’ grades?

Our centre recently merged and we have different sites. How will you calculate my learners’ grades

My centre’s results have been improving year on year, will this upward trajectory be considered?

We have a substantially different cohort to prior years; how will this be considered?

How will you calculate results for new BTEC units (without a track record)?

What will the appeals process entail?

When can centres share BTEC internal assessment results?

How will grades appear on the results slips?

Can centres share Centre Assessed Grades with learners?

Can learners ask to know their ranking?

How will learners be certificated?

What time do Pearson send results files out on the secure day?

What time can centres give learners their results?

Where can I view my rankings?

Where can I see what I submitted as a CAG to what I have received?

When will I get my BTEC certificates?

Why has my CAG changed?

Was Special Consideration applied?

What is happening with university placements?

Have postcodes been used in the BTEC standardisation process?

Will there be an Autumn series for BTEC?

What are the fees for the Autumn session?

When can centres start making entries?

When are the Entry Deadlines?

Can I still make entries?

Will BTEC exams take place in May and June?

How will Pearson award grades for incomplete externally assessed units?

Why are you not asking me to provide grades for externally assessed units?

What does Ofqual’s announcement mean for the BTEC suite?

How will qualification outcomes be awarded?

Will I be able to appeal the calculated grades?

I would like support in providing Centre Assessment Grades and rank ordering.

Can I submit my learners’ work to be sampled by a standards verifier?

How will Pearson award grades for incomplete internally assessed units?

Should learners continue to complete internal units/components at home and will these be used to calculate a grade?

If we are taking the Centre Assessment Grades approach, can we put the learners through the Standards Verification process next year?

I would like feedback on assessment decisions for completed work

Can I change my Assessment Plan?

Will learners continuing into next year be eligible for a resubmission opportunity for internally assessed units which have been given a calculated grade?

Will my learners in Year 1 of a two-year programme be affected by result calculation?

For BTEC learners on the first year of a two-year programme, will their part-calculated results count in performance measures?

Why are we required to rank order both completing and non-completing learners?

Do I need to rank order learners who haven’t completed assessments?

How will  CPLD or units with Licence to Practise be awarded?  

What about practical units where learners have not yet started/completed the practical elements?

What happens if I am running BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Fitness Services qualification?

When should I input learner grades for completed internally assessed units/components?

When should I submit award claims?

I have already submitted a full award claim with completed units only, what shall I do now?

Why are we not being asked to submit a Full Award claim if I am entering grades for all of the (completed and Centre Assessment Grades) internally assessed units?