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Pearson has been a leading content provider for over 100 years, publishing trusted content from subject matter experts such as Kotler, Sloman and Campbell. Pearson titles are available in a range of formats - digital and print - so students can access them however they like.

As well as printed options, students can get their books on their devices through Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering products, VitalSource, Kortext and more.

  • MyLab or Mastering with Pearson eText is an online homework, tutorial and assessment product, designed to improve students’ results, one student at a time.

  • VitalSource eTextbook: Students can rent a VitalSource eTextbook. Learn more about VitalSource
  • Pearson eBooks integrate with a range of devices and virtual learning environments, for online and offline delivery.

Simply sign into our catalogue and search for your chosen title to request your print or eBook sample.

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Most Pearson textbooks and digital resources are supported by free online resources to help you and your students get the most out of your text recommendation or adoption.

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