Teaching with ebooks is a unique way to engage students in their learning. You can tailor the ebook to your course needs and the interactive features encourage students to read and explore more.

Choose your ebooks in the format that best fits your students’ needs, so you know that quality learning content is at their fingertips wherever they are.

We can deliver our textbooks as ebooks and in a range of formats. We have our own ebook platform, Pearson eText, and we work with CourseSmart, VitalSource and KorText to ensure our ebooks are available to institutions and accessible by students.

Pearson eTexts offer interactive features and student tracking and are easily adapted to focus solely on course content.

With our ebooks you can search across the text, add bookmarks, and add highlights and your own notes.

Share notes, further reading, tips and guidance to enhance the student learning experience.

Plymouth University's award-winning ebook project

In 2013, Plymouth University won the Guardian Teaching Excellence Award for its book project. Here’s what Phil Gee has to say about his motivations and experiences.

Student experiences with Higher Education ebooks

Students from Plymouth University and Durham University share their experiences with ebooks on their courses.

What do students like about learning with ebooks?

Each week we were set up with problem sheets and a series of questions on an online information system, so as we were going through them we would dip into the ebook and have it open as a tab on the computer. In that way it was useful for consolidation and revision.

Student, Engineering, Durham University

I activated my version and it works fine on my iPad. I was reluctant at first but it turns out to be a good reading experience. I just have my light iPad on my lap instead of a heavy book plus I have a search function. It was a good choice to move away from hard copy books.

Student, Durham University, UK

Incredibly useful, especially with the lecturers providing references to specific chapters and pages within their presentation. A great way to expand on information learned in lectures.

Student, Plymouth University, UK

It is really useful when lecturers make highlights and comments.

Student, Plymouth University, UK

Useful when finding evidence for an essay or report. Increases understanding of my knowledge with areas I find most difficult.

Student, Plymouth University, UK

Educators explain how ebooks have benefited their students

Enabling access to learning

Better student engagement