Learner stories

Learners of all levels are realising their career ambitions with our work-based qualifications and programmes. Read our learner stories to see how these individuals are developing the skills they need to be successful at work.

Pearson can provide individualised programmes for learners of all levels and with all types of experiences, and equip you with the tools you need to create employable learners.

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Delroy's story

Delroy, 37

* This story is by Delroy Taylor from Free2Learn.

Ryan's story

Ryan, 17

* This story is by Ryan Watkinson from York College.

Jamie Lee's story

Jamie Lee, 18

* This story is by Jamie Lee Cunningham from Dairy Farm Training.

Poppy Lou's story

Poppy Lou, 18

*This story is by Poppy Lou Feather from York College.

Declan's story

Declan, 17

*The story is by Declan O’Neill from Dairy Farm Training.

Shauna's story

Shauna, 16

*This story is by Shauna Gorman from Dairy Farm Training.

Phillip's story

Phillip, 17

* This story is by Phillip Lynch from Dairy Farm Training.

Simone's story

Simone, 38

* This story is by Simone Addison from Free2Learn.