Pearson Baccalaureate: History Authoritarian states 2nd edition bundle

ISBN: 9781292102573

Chapter 1 (7 links)

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Documents relating to Cuba’s economic and social history.

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Provides useful links to other websites. Links are classified by category.

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A London-based organization devoted to the ‘social experience’ of Cuba.

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Includes some of the most relevant speeches and press conferences given by Castro between 1959 and 1996.

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Online exhibition of photographs to commemorate the revolution’s 50th anniversary.

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Contains maps, timelines, original footage and articles on the history of Cuba under Fidel Castro.


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Cuban propaganda posters will help you understand Cuba's view on many of the Cold War conflicts.

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Chapter 2 (5 links)

Chapter 3 (3 links)

Chapter 4 (3 links)

Chapter 5 (4 links)