Learning is a journey

Video transcript

Learning is a journey...

... with a potential to take us from where we are now to places we have only imagined and even places we never thought we'd reach.

Higher education enables students to be all that they can be - fulfilling their potential as individuals and of citizens of the world.

But along the way there are challenges and questions:

How do we foster inspirational teaching even as classes get bigger?

... Excite students outside traditional classrooms wherever in the world they are?

... Measure the effectiveness of the approaches we use?

... Give educators the skills and confidence to support their students?

Pearson is working with the education community in the UK and Ireland and across the globe to find answers to these questions.

We are leading the way with technology that makes learning more personal, engaging and responsive to the needs of students.

Our MyLab and Mastering homework and assessment systems are already helping over 43,000 students in the UK and Ireland.

Building on our expertise of developing powerful learning content, we have transformed to deliver more flexible, digital and accessible learning resources that follow the principles of learner-centred design and support student achievements.

We are partnering with institutions to help them to deliver high quality and engaging courses.

Designing curricular optimised for online or blended delivery. Creating cutting edge digital content and developing smart assessments.

We've also invested in training, implementation and support services to help institutions achieve their goals and measure the impact of their strategies.

As a result, students are learning in the ways that best engage and foster understanding, and educators and institutions are more easily able to track progress and support students to achieve success.

At Pearson we have one goal: to help people make progress in their lives through learning. We believe in learning, all kinds of learning, for all kinds of people. Delivered in a personal style. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.

Pearson. Always Learning.