What do educators think of Revel?

Video transcript

What do educators think of Revel?

[Catherine Medrano, Sociology Instructor at Fresno State University:] When I first started teaching, my students were failing. They were failing my class.

[Richard Arum, Professor of Sociology:] Students are not very engaged with the material they’re experiencing in colleges and universities.

[Amy Martin, Psychology Instructor, Phoenix College:] Outside of the classroom, students seem to be doing less and less work.

[Bill Brands, Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin:] If I hand them a textbook there might be 400 pages. This is a daunting task.

[Catherine:] Prior to using Revel, my average exam score was a 68%. After using Revel, my students’ average exam score was 83%.

[Bill:] I’m a better teacher, I’m a more powerful teacher with Revel. It allows me to reimagine my big lecture class as a seminar. I know that the students are coming prepared to have a discussion.

[Catherine:] In the past year that I’ve been working with Pearson and using Revel, I have grown as an instructor and as a leader in higher education.