Outdoor Education Training Transformation for BAE Systems

BAE Systems objective was to transform and develop an existing adventure training programme that produced numerous benefits for the business such as reducing time and costs, increasing staff productivity and produced measurable outcomes.

Pearson TQ were appointed in 2015 to transform their original training programme and develop a solution that provided the desired key performance indicators.

Find out more about our training transformation work with BAE:

  • Army Unit Welfare Officer Training

    The British Army has a requirement to provide core training for new Welfare Officers in order to give them an insight into the welfare issues they are likely to encounter and the wider community to have an awareness that the pressures of everyday life can lead to issues which affect mental well being.

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  • Army Foundation College, Harrogate

    Pearson TQ deliver vocational training courses and programmes to over 1,600 junior soldiers at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate each year. This UK Ministry of Defence institution attracts 16 year old school leavers from across the UK that wish to join the Army.

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