Functional Skills

Experts in education

Our team of functional skills tutors is made up of education professionals who are all specialists in their field.

They’re required to meet exacting military standards, which are a cut above the qualifications that a standard tutor is required to have.

They’re also dedicated to pushing students to the best of their ability, with many learners encouraged to take Level 2 on their apprenticeship, even though they are only required to achieve Level 1.  

What our learners say

We’ve already built up an impressive track record with our existing clients, including in our work with the UK Government and the armed forces.

But don’t just take our word for it – some of our Royal Engineers have told us what makes our training so special.

What I have learnt here within one week is beyond what I ever thought I was going to learn

Teachers were the best I have had and I learnt more than I ever did at school

I wish I had been taught at school how I was taught here. Maybe I would have learnt a lot more and got much better grades

I liked the opportunity to get skills transferrable to the civilian world