Augmented and mixed reality

In Augmented Reality the viewer can still see the environment around them but content powered by the headset - usually a 3D holographic model - is superimposed over their current surroundings.

In doing this, AR allows the user to walk around and interact with said model and analyse it from different angles or select specific areas with which to interact.

The user can be guided by voiceover located in the headset and only needs to use their hands and own body movements to control interactivity within the environment.

This is the very cutting edge of mixed reality technology and is incredibly intuitive.

Image by Microsoft.
Image by Microsoft.

Augmented reality innovations

We’ve been chosen as Microsoft’s education sector launch partner for their new Hololens augmented reality device – and we’ve already come up with some innovative ways to use this exciting piece of technology. HoloLens is a device that allows the user to place and interact with holograms in their own environment. The technology is expected to have an impact on everything from gaming to healthcare, and we want to make sure that Pearson is at the forefront of this revolution in education and training.

At Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, it’s helped us to teach students about physics, anatomy and much more by enabling learners to visualise course content in previously unimaginable ways.

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Image by Microsoft.

Our approach

Before we start, we’ll carry out a full consultation to understand your business values and goals, along with what you want to achieve.

We’ll also look at how you currently train so that we can identify any problems you may be facing and then move to eradicate them by designing and delivering a unique blend of learning solutions.

Putting your requirements at the heart of all we do, we’ll help you to understand the core skills needed by your learners and the targets you need to reach to achieve your goals.

Once everything’s in place, we’ll make it easy for you to track your return on investment by measuring all learning outcomes, as well as accrediting training through appropriate awarding bodies.

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