Virtual reality and 360 video

Virtual reality is a completely immersive 360 experience in which the user is taken from their real world surroundings and transported virtually into an entirely new environment.

We use a headset attached to a phone to create this experience with either 360 video or an artificially created 3D animated scenario.

The user can look around themselves to see a full panoramic view of what is happening in the headset, and can listen to accompanying audio.

In being unable to see what is happening outside of the headset, the user is fully transported into this virtual world.

Image by Ruben Alvarado.
Image by Evening_tao -

New outlook on learning

Using interactive 360-degree headsets we were also able to give learners at the Royal School of Military Engineering the chance to explore maintenance bays in virtual reality.

This allowed students to quickly get used to working in the bays by learning about the position of tools and different features – and all without leaving the classroom.

Image by Angela Ithyle.

Our approach

Before we start, we’ll carry out a full consultation to understand your business values and goals, along with what you want to achieve.

We’ll also look at how you currently train so that we can identify any problems you may be facing and then move to eradicate them by designing and delivering a unique blend of learning solutions.

Putting your requirements at the heart of all we do, we’ll help you to understand the core skills needed by your learners and the targets you need to reach to achieve your goals.

Once everything’s in place, we’ll make it easy for you to track your return on investment by measuring all learning outcomes, as well as accrediting training through appropriate awarding bodies.

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