Summer tips for Cogmed Working Memory Training

Summer can be an ideal time to start Cogmed Working Memory Training. Students are home from school and have the time and ability to complete the Cogmed program.  

In order to help you succeed with Cogmed, we have put together a list of tips and articles that will get everyone talking about their memory during the summer months:

  1. Connect with other users: Do you have a Facebook page? Or a Twitter account? Connecting with other Cogmed practitioners is a great way to learn how other practitioners are keeping their clients engaged with the program. By using social media sites you can learn from a global Cogmed base about their experiences and share your learning too. Start by connecting with us @PsychCorpUK and @CogmedUK and look out for #Cogmed.

  2. Share your top tips: OK so if you followed point one, now you are talking to the world about #Cogmed. Top tip posts are a great way to engage other readers and make connections. Read Dr Darren Dunning’s tips here to get you started, and don’t forget to lets us know your recommendations.

  3. Shout about your successes: Everyone loves good news, so if you’ve had a client who has responded well to the program, let us know about their story. We can help you shout about it online via our blog.

  4. Take part in events: Whether these are face-to-face or online, events are a great way to promote the good work you are doing with Cogmed. Join us this November for Online Working Memory Week. Can you help us beat last year’s total of over 1,000 registered attendees?

  5. Cogmed on the move: Did you know that Cogmed can now be delivered via tablet devices? This gives you and your client anytime, anywhere access - so there’s no excuse for those missed sessions. Send us (@PsychCorpUK) a snap of you and your Cogmed app away from your desk and we’ll send you one of our lovely Cogmed iPad covers.

Enjoy your summer with Cogmed!