Pearson apprenticeships

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship provides the opportunity for an apprentice to be in paid employment while acquiring the knowledge and technical skills needed to pursue a specific career path. 

Being able to apply learning in the workplace helps to cement understanding and give apprentices the confidence needed to add value to any business. They also give businesses the opportunity to develop and nurture a highly skilled workforce.

Whether looking to start a new career, reskill, upskill or change career, apprenticeships are a great way to get careers off to a flying start and for apprentices to become part of the dynamic and exciting businesses of the future.

Why choose Pearson apprenticeships?

Pearson apprenticeship programmes have been developed with providers and employers.  They reflect the latest industry requirements that today's businesses look for, and are designed to enable your apprentices to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they will need to succeed in the work place.

Success stories

Read how choosing an apprenticeship has changed lives, opened up opportunities and been an enjoyable learning experience for four apprentices.

Further information and support

Apprenticeship levels explained

Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of industry sectors and are arranged across four distinct educational levels:

Apprenticeship level Education level
Level 2: Intermediate GCSE
Level 3: Advanced
A level
Level 4-7: Higher Foundation degree or above
Level 6-7: Degree Bachelor's or masters degree

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