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Pearson is committed to Environmental, Social and Governance goals focused on Product, People and Planet

  • Product = Driving learning for everyone Our core ambition is to drive and embed learning for everyone, throughout their lives.
  • People = Empowering our people to make a difference People are our greatest asset and will dictate the success of Pearson.
  • Planet = Leading responsibly for a better planet Pearson has a duty to lead responsibly in all areas – it is who we are and it is what we do.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In Vocational Qualifications, we recognise the UN developed SDGs as drivers to develop a more sustainable future for all. We use the SDGs to benchmark qualification content and new qualifications will include references to the SDGs.

Sustainability and our qualifications

In Vocational Qualifications we have several initiatives underway to help you explore the issues. These fall into three categories:

1. Supporting teaching of sustainability within existing qualifications and qualifications in development

  • We are ensuring that all newly developed qualifications map to UN Sustainability Development Goals, and sustainability skills. This will result in both sustainability focused units, and guidance to support implementation of specific suites.
  • T Levels contain sustainability content and skills needed by employers.
  • We have produced a BTEC National Sustainability Support Guide
  • Our International Level 2 and 3 BTECs contain sustainability content and units

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3. Supporting learners through development of qualifications in the subject of sustainability

  • We have developed Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Construction and Business sectors with sustainability content

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