Credly digital credentials

Help your learners share their achievements where it matters with Credly digital credentials.
Digital credentials from Credly (also known as digital badges), allow learners to share their achievements quickly and easily making them visible to professional networks and potential employers.

What is Credly?

Credly, by Pearson, is an end-to-end solution for issuing, managing, and analysing digital credentials and the data that accompanies them.

The platform is used to translate the learning outcomes your learners demonstrate into digital credentials and a profile. This enables them to manage, share and verify their competencies digitally so they can showcase their skills and competencies where it matters most.

Digital credentials provide additional recognition and verification from Pearson of your learners' skills.

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Who's using Credly?

Globally, 2,000+ organisations are using the Credly platform and have issued 50m digital credentials to 26m+ learners.

Below are a few examples of UK organisations that are using Credly with their learning programmes.

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Credly stats
Lead Adult Care Worker
Lead Adult Care Worker
Early Years Educator
Team Leader/Supervisor
Sporting Excellence Professional
Below are examples of other global Credly customers:
Lead Adult Care Worker
Business Administrator
Early Years Educator
Team Leader/Supervisor
Sporting Excellence Professional
Credly badge

Digital credentials explained

Digital credentials are a verified, shareable, and data rich representation of a learner's achievements. They provide an easy way to communicate what a learner has been verified to know and can do, without requiring an explanation or a CV.

Your learners will be able to share their achievements through social medial platforms, showcasing their achievements and competencies where it matters and make their skills visible to the world.

Digital credentials will help your learners to: