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  • Celebrating women in STEM: from a BTEC to a career in nuclear medicine

    As part of International Women's Day on 8 March 2022, we want to celebrate women who work and study in STEM sectors.Our goal is to make an education and career in STEM achievable for everyone. By sharing stories of inspiring role-models we can help make this a reality.

    Hear from Becky, a Diagnostic and Imaging Scientist

  • Nuno Andre. Shutterstock

    Williams Racing accelerate into esports

    Image credit: Nuno Andre. Shutterstock

    When you hear the brand ‘Williams’, your mind will instantly think of Formula One, rubber tyres screeching on concrete, engines roaring and mechanics rushing, tools in tow. But there’s a new sound emerging from the famous racing company to accompany the talking team and hubbub of working together – the sound of buttons mashing.

  • UTC Plymouth's STEM Success

    At a time when almost half of UK STEM businesses are looking abroad to find candidates with the right skills, UTC Plymouth is paving the way for student success in the workplace.