Preparing for the future of cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity illustration | nicoelnino

We can track back over the past 100 years and see that our collective computing capability has seen exponential growth. Taking massive strides in computing power, storage and accessibility which has never been experienced at such a rate.

“As our reliance on these devices grow, so do the threats associated with them.”

“We need to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) and empower this sleeping giant.”

Atif Khan is the Sector Manager for Digital and IT BTECs and Apprenticeships at Pearson. He's worked in vocational education for 20 years, and in recent years has specialised in the digital sector, particularly in understanding where the existing tech industry is heading. Before joining Pearson, Atif worked as a Digital Skills and Talent Management Consultant working with the biggest tech employers in the UK. His clients included Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Metro Bank, SAP, Lloyds and other multinational organisations.

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