Why adult learning matters

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As part of Pearson's strategic partnership with the Association of Colleges (the AoC), this week we joined them at their Annual Conference as Headline Sponsor. It is easily the biggest CPD event in FE, and though hosted remotely this year, was still an unmissable opportunity for colleges in the UK to come together as a community.

Our SVP of BTEC and Apprenticeships Cindy Rampersaud led a keynote speech on Monday morning on the importance of adult learning. Cindy explored the crucial role of lifelong learning post-pandemic to help us keep up with rapid and unpredictable changes in skills demand, technology and shifts in industry.

Watch the recording of Cindy's talk to learn more about the actions that we need to take in FE - and beyond - to make learning more accessible to people no matter their age or background.

Cindy Rampersaud on why adult learning matters
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