VQ Bulletin blog

The VQ Bulletin is a consolidated briefing from Pearson, which contains all the key updates you need about our vocational qualifications. A summary of the latest news, and status of qualifications, with links to our web pages where you can find more detail, it's the easiest and most comprehensive and up-to-date source of what is happening for Pearson vocational qualifications

  • VQ Bulletin - Issue 14

    Welcome to the latest issue of the VQ Bulletin. We hope you had a restful and relaxing Easter break. 

  • VQ Bulletin - Issue 13

    Welcome to our 13th Vocational Qualification Bulletin. This is the final bulletin until after the Easter break.

    We know just how hard you and your learners have been working, and we hope you are able to have a restful Easter break.

  • VQ Bulletin - Issue 9

    Welcome to our ninth Vocational Qualification Bulletin.

    We appreciate that with the Ofqual announcement last week, along with our response, you have a great deal of information to digest, disseminate and make plans for. We promised that you would receive more detail this week and we are still working on our alternative arrangements with a plan to have this to you as soon as possible, w/c 8 March at the latest.