Your Pearson Apprenticeship digital credentials

Share your achievements where it matters and get your CV to the top of the pile with your Pearson Apprenticeships digital credentials.

Your digital credentials (also known as digital badges) allow you to share your achievements quickly and easily making your achievements visible to your professional networks and potential employers.

Your digital credentials are easy to claim

All apprentices that achieve their End-point Assessment with Pearson from the standards below, will be invited to activate their Credly digital credentials. This activation email will be issued after you have received your IfATE certificate.

Your digital credentials are additional recognition and verification of your skills from Pearson, your End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).


What are digital credentials?

Through social medial platforms, your digital credentials allow you to share your achievements where it matters and make your skills visible to the world.
We currently offer 48 digital badges with more being added regularly.
Adult Care Worker
Customer Service Practitioner
Early Years Practitioner
Healthcare Support Worker
Telecomms Field Operative
Lead Adult Care Worker
Business Administrator
Early Years Educator
Team Leader/Supervisor
Sporting Excellence Professional

Stand out from the crowd

Representing your skills as digital credentials gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time. 50 million digital credentials have been earned and managed on Credly, with over 700,000, shared every month by badge earners all over the world.

Digital credentials have built-in metadata that provide details of your skills and competencies and the requirements to achieve these credentials. This provides employers and your professional network with concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credentials and what you’re now capable of.

Remove the stress from CV writing

Choosing what to include and what to leave off our CV can be overwhelming.

Digital credentials take all that hassle away!

The metadata of skills and competencies within these credentials help you to build a better professional picture of who you are and the skills that you have to offer. This helps take away the struggle of CV writing and gives you a better understanding of your own strengths and builds your confidence in articulating these.

Maximise progression opportunities

Credly’s digital credentials platform can connect you to job opportunities based on your skills set as it gives you access to live job insights. This means you can search job listings based on the skills you've gained and see which employers are hiring.

Digital credentials also help employers to easily identify candidates with the competencies to match their recruitment needs through the detailed metadata of skills and competencies which uses language frequently used in job descriptions and is recognised by employers.

What is Credly by Pearson?

Credly translates the learning outcomes you’ve demonstrated into digital credentials and a profile, issued and managed through the Pearson digital credentials platform. The technology Credly uses is based on the Open Badge Standards maintained by IMS Global. This enables you to manage, share and verify your competencies digitally.

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