Terms and conditions

I agree that:

  1. The requesting Institution/Organisation or the student has purchased the above named printed work (the “Title”).
  2. The student is registered to take or attend the above course for which the Title is relevant.
  3. The student has a disability that prevents him or her from using the print version of the Title.
  4. The request is made or supported by the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities or other appropriate Institution/Organisation official.
  5. The student and the Organisation/Institution will not use or further distribute or copy the electronic files for the Title for any other purpose.
  6. In using electronic files provided by the Publisher or created by the Institution/Organisation, the student, the Disabled Student Services Office, or other student official, will abide by the Copyright Law of the United Kingdom and the applicable code of conduct and policy of the requestor’s Institution/Organisation.
  7. Pearson Education Limited owns all rights to the Title and the electronic files for the Title, including copyright. The student and the school have only the right to use the electronic files for the purposes set forth in this request.

This file is being provided for use by one student with a print impairment who is the specific subject of this request.

You agree not to otherwise reproduce, use, sell, transmit, publish, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate or distribute the file (or any version modified for accessibility purposes) to anyone, including but not limited to other students with a print impairment at your or any other institution, others in the same company, school, college or other organization, whether or not for a charge or other consideration, including but not limited to use in connection with the sale, retransmission, distribution, publication, broadcasting, circulation or other dissemination, for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, without the express prior written permission of Pearson Education Limited

Exchange of this or any other file, in a modified format or copy thereof, is a violation of these terms and conditions. Separate authorization must be obtained for every user of this file, its modified format or copy thereof.

We reserve the right to require written documentation regarding any information provided on this form.

Termination and breach

Pearson reserves the right to terminate the license granted in these terms and conditions immediately by written notice and to take action to recover any damages suffered by Pearson if you or the student breach any of its provisions.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted and construed in accordance with English law.

I confirm that the above information is complete true and correct and that by submitting this request and receiving the requested Digital File(s) provided by Pearson or created by the Institution/Organisation I am agreeing to abide by the stated terms and conditions.